We intend to explore the old and the new in
printmaking techniques as we share our
image with others beyond our borders. By
accepting and redefining according to our
own experience and who we are, we show
that in this global community, we are all
interdependent. We might work in isolation,
but within a community we have the power to
affect each other and because of that, we
are responsible for how our power affects

We want to explore the implications of
working with elements not usually part of our
culture or community, and to see how the
work evolves conceptually. In collaborating
with artists who may or may not live in our
country, we create awareness that such
support and diversity strengthens us
personally and professionally.  

The curated portfolio invited participants to
question how global influences bestow their
implications and influences on us day to
day. Each artist developed an edition of
prints incorporating a component provided
by a collaborator. This component is a small
but significant presence of a feeling or
abstract quality. This element becomes part
of the printed image, a plate or other image
to be integrated into the piece. The element
must be used but the artist chose how to
incorporate it.  

The idea for the “Global Fusion” portfolio
evolved from discussions within a network of
international printmakers. The solitary
nature of our art does not necessarily
exclude the printmaker from the outside
world but we are by nature inquisitive and
want to better know and more deeply feel
other experiences.

We thus expand our citizenship and our
artistry by inviting other influences into our
thinking. In our “Global Fusion” curated
portfolio, the participating artists literally did
that, incorporating content provided by other
collaborating artists into the prints.

That content is something meaningful to the
collaborator, a component that is relatively
small but carries a significant cultural
presence that may range from the explicit to
the abstract. The element was imagery that
becomes part of the whole. The possibilities
included a plate or other digitized image, or  
a piece of paper, perhaps with a shape,
texture or image that would find its way into
the final expression.

The instructions to the collaborators
specified that the digital file should be a JPG
of 300 to 600 ppi no larger than 5” x 4”. If a
non-digital element is selected, at least 16 of
them should be sent so the artist can pull an
edition plus artist proofs.

There are 12 artists and 12 collaborators.
The participating artist did not know what it
is the collaborator – ideally from a different
culture – would send. Whatever the surprise
element, it had to appear in the edition,
although the artist chose how it would be

The component thus becomes a metaphor
for global influences, interdependence and
how we react to them. None of us can
choose the external events that affect us,
but we do choose how to absorb them and
what our reaction will be. It would then follow
that the “Global Fusion” portfolio will
stimulate dialogues that bring us to a better

The portfolio conforms to the following:
  • Dimensions: Paper 20” x 15”; Image:
  • Edition of 14
  • Artist’s proofs: To other collaborators
    outside the exchange portfolio
  • Portfolio: black archival box 20” x 17” x 2”
    with screened title label
  • One cover page with title and one
    colophon page with names of participants
    and collaborators
  • Statements from participating artists and

Contact information
    Maritza Dávila
    Atabeira Press
    3233 N. Waynoka Cir.
    Memphis TN 38111
    901-458-4978 (home)
    901-921-2985 (cell)

    Indrani Gall
    6251 Village Green Cir, Apt. 11
    Portage, MI 49024
Sarojini Jha Johnson
Indrani Gall
Haydee Landing
Johanna Paas
Hui-Chu Ying
Lise Drost
Enrique Leal
Maritza Dávila
Amy Foltz
Stephen Black
Participating Artists

  • Maritza Dávila – organizer, Puerto Rico
    (Email) (Web). Collaborator: Chema
    Eléxpuru (Email).
  • Sarojini Jha Johnson – India (Email).
    Collaborator: David Mohallatee (Email)
  • Indrani Gall – India (Email) (Web).
    Collaborator: Melissa Gill (Email).
  • Haydee Landing – Puerto Rico (Email)
    (Web). Collaborator: Endi Poskovic (Email)
  • Amy Foltz – USA (Email) (Web).
    Collaborator: Stephen W. Haas (Email).
  • Johanna Paas – USA (Email). Collaborator:
    Lari Gibbons (Email) (Web).
  • Hui-Chu Ying – Taiwan (Email) (Web).
    Collaborator: Ina Kaur (Email) (Web).
  • Lise Drost – USA (Email) (Web).
    Collaborator: Toni Mosley (Email).
  • Enrique Leal Spain (Email). Collaborator:
    Kathleen O'Connell (Email) (Web).
  • Stephen Black – USA (Email).
    Collaborator: Kate Borcherding.
  • Luis Abraham Ortiz – Puerto Rico (Email).
    Collaborator: Alisa Fox (Email).
  • David DuBose USA (Email) (Web).
    Collaborator: Adriane Herman.
Luis Abraham Ortiz
Click on the images
to read more about
the artists.
David DuBose


Global Fusion has been selected for display
at the
Mid America Print Council 2010
conference Oct. 13-16 in Minneapolis. The
portfolio will become part of the University of
Minneapolis collection. A reception for
exchange portfolios will be held Oct. 13 at
the conference.

The Fall/Winter 2009 edition of
Contemporary Impressions: The Journal of
the American Print Alliance published an
article by Maritza describing in detail how the
portfolio came about, and sharing the ideas
of participating artists.

  • University of